1910 Wiss 15.5 inch 10n tailor's shears

A Digital Museum of Professional Tailor's Shears


This reference site is a digital museum of tailor's shears so that people interested in obtaining or restoring traditional tailor's shears can identify Wiss, Heinisch and some of the other types available over time. The shears displayed on this site are not simply display items but antique tools that have been repaired or restored to as close to their original condition and usage as their age allowed. Please note that this is not a commercial site and none of its contents are for sale.

There is a good reason why professional tailor's seek these now antique tools, they deliver the performance that a true professional requires, speed, power and accuracy. When properly maintained shears of this type last many lifetimes and it is not uncommon for a high quality pair of shears to be handed down to siblings and their grandchildren.

Because of their construction they give excellent tactile feedback ranging from fussy fine fabrics to heavy denim, drill and bulky fleece fabrics. Some are simply too large to make fine curves with and in this context most tailors also keep a pair of trimmers for doing some of the more complex and finer work.

Using the shears as they were designed to be used on a cutting table in conjunction with their weight, gives the professional tailor the precision and control they require when used properly and with considerably reduced cutting pressure, which matters for a professional cutter who cuts out garments all day long.

Reference Links
For The Tailor
Using Large Tailor's Shears
Maintaining Your Shears

For The Restorer
Most of the techniques referenced in this section require technical expertise and engineering facilities that
would not be available  to hobbyists and other non technical people. You are welcome to read this section
but unless you are both experienced in these methods and are confident that you can execute them properly
you are advised not to undertake tasks of this type as you may ruin a good pair of shears.
Manufacturing Techniques
Making Shims For Worn Shears