russian draft for corpulent mens trousers

Started by posaune, October 12, 2020, 09:52:46 PM

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I stumbled in the internet over some interesting pics drafting for corpulent mens trousers.
I give you the address

(it is sad that I can't copy the sentences and let it translate through google.)
I assume it is about 3 types - average, slightly corpulent and very corpulent.
the 1. is average.  it has a good shaped hip and 2 backdarts. the back crotch seam shape  is (more) slanted. Front crotch slanted in dircetion right side seam
2. has a bit of a belly. the hip is a bit shaped the Backcrotch seam is more straight and shorter the front crotch seam slanted to the left side - 2 back darts.
3a)Has now more belly - the Front crotch goes over the construction waist line (worn with Braces?)and no back darts
3b) same as 3 a) I think this is meant to be worn "under" the belly (makes a more "younger" impression).
all  in all nice what do you think?



Hi, the latest Edge browser in win10 pro translates it flawlessly...


Hi Jeffrey,
It worked! Wow.
I am real impressed. I will have a look at the edge browser. I shy away from Google as from Microsoft but sometimes you have to dance with the devil.