W.D.F. Vincent. A Beginner's First Course in Cutting, Part I & II

Started by Sinusvag, April 20, 2019, 07:48:19 AM

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So, I stumbled across a site whose proprietor (or someone else) obviously had made the effort to go to a library and scan one of Vincent's books,  "A Beginner's First Course in Cutting, Part I and II."


The scans were very good, but unfortunately the pdf-format was too heavy (lots of color and whole spreads) to read on a tablet. So I deconstructed the original pdf, and spent the evening revising the data it into something that can be read easily.

When the processing is made by archive.org, pick the download option (not the preview!) to check the quality of the pdf. You might want to grab the OCR:d file, though it doesn't really matter.

EDIT: The option "pdf with text" has had an automatic treatment by archive.org rendering the gray images of lesser quality compared to the original pdf uploaded. So don't grab that copy if you don't need to copy-paste text!


Hope someone enjoys, I think this book hasn't been "in the wild" except for on that site. Thanks to the scanner!


It is absolutely a precious discovery! It is a treasure to me, because it is an English article. Thank you so much for sharing the blog and the blogger who generously share his. I am going to dig into it.
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Herrick Postman

This is my book that I scanned when I first started learning, about 8 years ago. So glad others have found it interesting, Definitely one of the gems of my collection.

Sinusvag you did a very nice job clean it up I'm very curious to learn how you did it, as I have more books to scan.


Greetings Peebles,

Putting this here as its another WDF Vincent effort. Likewise, it is archive org PDF open copyright and very interesting, especially the making up section and photographs.


Best rgds, AL


That is a wonderful find Steelmillal.

I shared it with the Vintage Industrial Sewing Machines facebook page. They hadn't seen it before either.

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I went over to the archive, and tried to download the book you recommended, however, I cannot open and read the book, I do not know about how computer works, I only use it as a basic tool. Please advise how to open the book? Please explain more details!

I have another question, when I click your post, I saw another book about men's wear,(the link below) there are lots of patterns. LOTS! Would you please tell more about the difference between these two books! Please, thank you. If you were to buy only one, which one you will, and why?

A sewing mom


I know I'm late to the party, but the book pdf on a Beginners First Course in Cutting is so interesting. The Instructors replies are so informative and answer questions I've often had. It is humorous as well. I really like the format of it. Thank you for posting it.