To all who have posted images on Postimage

Started by Schneiderfrei, October 13, 2018, 12:06:11 AM

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Hi all,

I have gone through all my posts in this section and refreshed the image URLs so that they work and are visible.

This applies only to the Postimage URLs.  About this time last year?? Postimage changed three tiny letters in its image URLs:

Like this:

After you click "Modify", the images are shown as a long string of characters. Within the string if you see the following -

"" it needs to be changed to ""  This happens 2 times in every image URL, they both need to be done.

"[url  =]  [/url]"

Must be changed to this:

[url  =]   [/url]

Its not too hard though it is Tedious.

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Henry Hall

I think any images I have posted are not even at postimage, so I'm going to need to renew them anyway! That will be less trouble I hope.
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If you added them as a function of the text box on this site they will be in postimage, but not your personal account.
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