Minimum ease for women's pants

Started by Futura, September 04, 2018, 10:03:57 AM

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What is the minimum amount of wearing ease for women's pants/trousers? Is it distributed evenly front and back, or do the undersides have more ease?

I ask as I have seen numerous drafts only specifying "1/4 hip," sometimes plus or minus a few cm between topside and underside but without any reference to ease additions. Are they assuming the wearing ease was already added to the hip circumference?

I'm sure this is blatantly obvious and I'm simply forgetting something! But somehow I don't recall reading about wearing ease for pants in the Mueller texts.


You have ease if you have pleats in the front. If not - the average (semi tight) front construction is done with 1/4 hip -1 cm and back 1/hip + 1. Because of the construction you add at centerfront about 0.5 cm at hip level so you can say it has 1 cm ease (whole pattern) hip level.
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Okay, thanks for that. That makes a bit more sense.  :)

I'm looking at drafts with front darts. Maybe I will finally bite the bullet and make one for myself.