Angle measureing - an app helps

Started by posaune, May 01, 2018, 08:03:38 PM

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Maybe you know it already. This days I stumbled over a gimmick which can help a lot to get a good construction. I have registered that the modern drafts are working much with angles. But the measureing is difficult.
And what is always dfficult is to see if a waist line is total level.
I'm an old lady and not used to do much with a tablet. But that is grandios. You can download an app which let you measure with you tablet or Ipod  par example the shoulder angle. Nice too to controll if the waistband sits 100% level. It is a big help. Nothing extra to carry around


Never thought of that. Sounds like a good idea. Is there a particular app you like?  Seen apps for measuring rooms, furniture, trees, pictures, etc. Some of them may have angles, too. An app would be really nice. Especially with uneven shoulders, because of two different angles.
Thanks for the idea to explore, posaune.


That sounds great posaune, what is it called?
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