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Started by Nicole Nygaard, February 09, 2018, 08:46:11 PM

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Nicole Nygaard


Could anyone please help guide me on the issue of making a small in-seam button hole in men's trousers. Thank you!



Hi Nicole, I moved the post so that more people could find it.
The magnificent tools of the professional tailor  ;) ;D


Do you mean the buttonhole in the underlap of the fly in the waistband seam?

Nicole Nygaard

Yes, exactly. I made a pair of trousers for myself and the "inner button" keeps poping out, so isn't a solution to attach button and button hole to a seam?

Thank you for moving my question to the right forum.


Yes, I like the inner button and buttonhole to be done in the seam line, because I think the button can be sewn on quite well there.

Roughly you have to extend the underlap of the fly and the waistband a little to make this buttonhole. When You sew on the waistband, stop sewing at the first mark of the buttonhole, do some back stitches, continue the seam a little bit beyond the second mark of the buttonhole, do a few backstitches and continue to the end of the waistband. Then you can open the stitches that close the buttonhole. Iron the seam allowances apart in this area ( clip the Sa of the front for this purpose).

How the inner side is worked depends on, how you usually work this area. I like to carry the underlap inner lining all the way up to the edge of the waistband. So I cut the lining open at the buttonhole and blindstitch the edges. Secure the endpoints of the buttonhole with bar tacks. ( I loooove handsewn bartacks...)

Nicole Nygaard

 :) Thank you so much Peterle. I understood this actually! Going to try this on my next trouser project. :)

Henry Hall

The instructions for making it are in Poulin right?
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Are they? I donĀ“t own a copy. I just figured it out for myself.