Pressing buck on the cheap side

Started by Gramountoto, August 15, 2017, 06:14:07 AM

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Here is a link to cheap curves, sleeve board and pressing buck in Turkey:

I ordered recently and paid 75$ for the pressing buck + all the curves they propose, shipping costs to France included.

This is actually an info coming from the C&T forum but since I spent some time digging it out (I only vaguely remembered this post from maybe 3 years ago), I put it here for other apprentices.


It is so very good to hear from you Gramountoto.  How was your transition from the Indian Ocean?
Schneider sind auch Leute


Thanks Schneiderfrei!

Quite hectic at the beginning... I had time to get back to sewing 1 1/2 year ago. It seems that this long no-sewing time has allowed some kind of maturation. When I got back lot of things appeared evident to me, while they puzzled me before...
Climate here allows for tweeds. And I love tweeds.



I learned that a break seems to allow some consolidation within one's mind.  Especially when I tackled the piano, later in life.

I also love tweeds, but have avoided making anything of them until I lose weight.

Schneider sind auch Leute