A Hänsel booklet on how to do canvas in a ladies jacket

Started by pfaff260, April 15, 2016, 03:14:10 PM

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This is a nice publication from the early 60's by Hänsel. A german firm specialized in canvas.
Here they explain how to use it in a ladies jacket.

Henry Hall

Great booklet. It's funny that the name is printed on every scrap of canvas in the photos.

I don't know if this was offered to the general public, outside trade circles, but I think booklets like these demonstrate the different mind-set at play up to the 1970s: that people outside the trade were catered for in beter ways than they are now.

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Pfaff260, another great find. Thank your for publishing.
Lg posaune

I think, this booklet was only for professionals, because it was done with the help of the "Modezentrale des deutschen Dameschneiderhandwerk".
Today Haensel belongs to Freudenberg as far as I know.