Klassische Verarbeitung einer Damenjacke - Womens Jacket Construction

Started by Schneiderfrei, March 29, 2017, 05:00:28 PM

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Here is a link to a guide to construction - in German- of a Ladies Jacket.

This file was once shared by Schneidergott in relation to the ABC des Schneiderhandwerk series.

I do not know any more than that about its provenance. Perhaps someone else can say.

Goodness Very Sorry I already posted this link before.



Schneider sind auch Leute


I think it is an excerpt from "Der Zuschnitt für die Herrenschneiderei" . Edition# ??
In the past the tailors (gents) did coats and overcoats for ladies and this coat is worked exactly like a men's coat. The style was called (if with a skirt) Schneiderkostüm.
Ladies tailors did mostly dresses and blouses then. Maybe because of the heavy iron??
I think after the war they took away the tailoring for ladies from the "Herrenfach". So this may be early 50er.
I have "Die Verarbeitung der Kostümjacke" which was printed (I think) in the sixties and clearly done in the way a tailor for ladies works.


Thank you for that posaune.  It is great to know the background to this work. The work shown in this book looks very much like a man's jacket construction.
Schneider sind auch Leute