Final checklist for finishing a pattern / quality control

Started by EvanTA, June 20, 2024, 10:51:37 PM

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What are the final checks you perform on a pattern, trousers specifically, before you consider it done and ready for tracing onto the actual fabric? I find when I am nearly done working on a pattern - I've made some mock-ups in muslin, found a few tweaks to make, transferred the tweaks to the pattern, etc. - and then I think I'm ready to make the thing for real, I wish I had a final checklist to run through, something to double check my work.

Right now I'm rechecking the measurement of the inseam and outseam on both, rechecking the hem width, maybe visually checking that it's all clean lines, but what else should I be doing? I know myself, I am good at getting absorbed into work and moving quickly through it, but I also know that that sometimes produces small mistakes that I don't catch in the moment, so I try to be good about checking my work afterwards. What all should I be checking? Again, we can keep this limited to trousers, I imagine for shirts or jackets it would get somewhat complicated.


besides of this: Before I print the pattern I look for the notches, if they are at the right places and I check the waist circ. The angle of corners at side seams front and back should (for a short distance) be 90 degree  -  for smooth transition of the maybe different curves
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Possibly dumb question, but which notches? Ones marking top and bottom of CF line, then right and left points of hip and knee line?


I like to cut it out, flip my pattern over, and look at it the run of the lines I have created without the distraction of my pencil lines.

Also notches and truing the transitions from seam to seam