Message to All Guests

Started by stoo23, October 30, 2023, 09:36:26 PM

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Hello to all Guests (aka unregistered visitors here).

Have any clothing or tailoring questions that you need or would like answered?
This is the best place to ask such questions.
Simply want to learn something new? Or Do you want to create custom Bespoke clothing yourself?
If the answer is Yes to any of those questions, then keep reading.

Why not take the time and Register to become a Member here?
It doesn't cost anything and you can then ask all of the questions that cannot be answered otherwise.
It always helps to ask someone with practical experience rather than just reading things from google searches.
So give it a go, you won't be sorry.  :)

If you Do decide to Join, Please Introduce yourself by creating a 'post' in the Introduction and Welcome section, so we know who you are and what brought you to this forum  :)