Seeking High Quality Buttons

Started by Tikiguayo, March 26, 2024, 05:41:37 AM

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I'm getting close to completing a new jacket and once going down the button rabbit hole.

I have included a photo as I am open to suggestions on colors & materials as well.

The Tiki Tailor


If you live outside the UK, hop on a flight to London and spend a day at this place  :)

Sadly, they only have a  limited selection online:

A very dark wooden button might work well with your colour scheme.


If you want it flashy dyed mother of pearl
Lg posaune


I can't recommend enough. The prices are excellent, and shipping time and cost are reasonable given the distance they are traveling to get to us in the west. My last order:

Buttons are gorgeous, high quality, haven't found anything nearly comparable in price after days of online searching. Their selection is pretty good--though I don't think they ever replied to my requests for quotes.


Thank you all. I went with mother of pearl buttons (from Amazon) and they look fabulous!