Jacket Dissection advice

Started by Steelmillal, January 30, 2024, 06:53:46 AM

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A genuine groveling question to the commercial pros. I've 100 jackets. Some fit, some don't. I want to quickly break then down to pieces parts the fastest way without a woodchipper or chainsaw.

How would you do this and selected sequence? They are all factory made and I cannot see where they were turned right side out. My aim to some adjustments but most repurposed tweed items.

Thank you very much for advice. AL


Most jackets are bagged through a hole in the sleeve lining (if that's what you mean).


I learned to let in the left sleeve an opening.


Funny I was thinking right side underarm to start. I will have ample chance to test what they did. Thank you, Ma'am.


Quote from: TSjursen on January 30, 2024, 06:58:36 PM(if that's what you mean)
Thats what I mean. I did see one jacket with a machine stitch closing at underarm lining seam. I thought it was a careless repair vs. a final step.

Thx very much.


Start by turning the whole thing inside-out... Now immagine that during the 30's crisis people in europe actually had their suits taken apart an remade wrong side of the fabric out; it'll be less of a chore!