Check this lot out

Started by stoo23, October 13, 2023, 10:00:08 PM

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Wow, just for fun, I did a quick Ebay search for Heinisch Shears and What an absolute "Load of Old S**T" did I find,.. but can you believe the Prices !!??

Some of these and perhaps arguably Most are barely good as Scrap Metal !!

Really has me seriously re-thinking Steve's Horde !!


Quote from: stoo23 on October 13, 2023, 10:00:08 PMbut can you believe the Prices !!??
Stoo we've talked before how the collector and ebay auto prcing gooses the market for crap metal. We didn't openly post/talk about it for seems like a long while, except for sending links to each other for what we individually collected. Some bought German, some French, some New Jersey. The top one listed as Heinisch is a Wiss No7. He knows what it is, I told him, but hasn't changed the listing. I have the photos of the inside blade corrosion. I passed.

Almost bought this lot for 450$. Should've but why? I have enough project table clutter.

Steve's stuff is done and sorted and should be priced accordingly directly to professionals who know what they are, and most importantly, have hands on access to next up newbies who would appreciate what they represent vs wanna-be type tool collectors to pack away and polish on full moons.