Ironing Systems

Started by Steelmillal, September 22, 2023, 08:22:43 PM

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I'm kicking myself for not buying something locally last year but hadn't the room or transportation. Now, needing something large, I'm planning on a build vacuum table. Looked in the drives for something saved and found this link as ideas, "Battistella ironing systems"

Will share build as it progresses/finishes.


I have a small Bieffe. A wonderfull Iron.
Lg Posaune


They look nice and compact, Posaune. Not having a proper boiler, and doing the cheap way, I'm inspired by this

but am going to use an inverted similar item as this

..yes a kitchen oven smoke extractor inverted with wool felt and some sort of stainless wire mesh as backing support to allow vapour movement, is the idea. I have a used but essentially new stainless, three speed unit for trials. The chest and sleeve buck are a must.

I don't know what I'm doing, but that means I don't have limits in mind. Sometimes being 'thick' just means 'cain't' isn't spoken/thought/or even spelled reight. ;D