Lost in Shanghai

Started by Pink Cat, August 24, 2023, 12:44:36 PM

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Pink Cat

Hello everyone,

does anyone knows a good place for an internship in Shanghai? I'm here until January for an internship but unfortunately the workshop where I'm at doesn't receive enough work and I have nothing much do to.

I finished my apprenticeship in Germany in July. Before tailoring I worked with fashion and design.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Ask the people in the neighborhood ther. Find some old codger who is willing to pay you nothing and teach. Sometimes, we old-ish farts really, really want to pass on what we worked so hard to, humbly, master. We've Masters here that do that. The technical questions and answers are, to me, a joy to view and learn from.

35 years ago I walked into a vintage wooden boat shop and asked if I could be an apprentice. Tim looked at me, without missing a beat, asked, "Do I have to pay you!?" I said no. He said, "you're hired!" and handed me a broom. Spent four years on an off with him surrounded by precious wooden art. I'd give a lot for another month with that old man! Same with my tailor before retiring, but I didn't have the time.

You're young. MAKE the time  ;D  You wont regret it. Let us know, yeah? Good luck!