Singer 99k 15-8 machines

Started by Steelmillal, August 24, 2023, 01:54:49 AM

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Parrotsing a recent post from Spookietoo for the brain trust here, I'm hoping for honest opinions on Singer 99Ks and the table mounted 15 8s. I started looking and found some links, but would like y'alls input as well.

I'm also interested in adding the hand cranks for period authenticity... ok, ok for when the power goes out and I'm sewing by candle light.. Our record is 4.5 days one ice storm a few years ago :)



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THATs what I wanted to hear. I guess talking me off the ledge must come from other forums, huh?   8)

Sweet Jiminy, I should have stuck with old Jaguars!


Ha old Jaguars, aren't they designed to keep mechanics in business?

I do love their modular construction.
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YES! Lucas Electrical, ha-ha! If you have the Bosch stuff, too, there's less problems, but still I'm chasing a short that deenergized the dash board gauges and heater circuit.

Fair warning, the rear alloy hub bearing carriers will crack above 300hp or high touque. You need an XJS rear end for anything above that, like a cobra replica or for when you dream about expensive metal art. And I've heard 500 is the limit, which is a 'shelf item' truck motor nowadays, that can even do alcohol/e85.

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I have all the old Singer machines in very nice condition. Singer 15-91, 206/306, 201k, 201k2 with all attachments and in Cabinet #40 Tables all restored.
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That sounds very cool DZ.

I have a couple of old Singer 201K, they have been basically given to me, one is in brilliant condition.

I have an Elna supermatic - the green one, that is a treasure. I got a new drive cone for it.

Also the green free arm Singer from the 60's from my mother.

Apart from that I have a bunch of old singer copies in various states of repair.  I need to get rid of several.

Schneider sind auch Leute


It's frightening how many are on the market for nothing. A lot of people have passed, and family are clearing houses.

I have one 15-8 and 15-91 from 1941. I may try to get the 99k but am also seeing many industrial machines for pennies.


I'm not familiar with a 15-8. Do you mean a 15-88 (treadle)? Or maybe the 15-8 is a 15-88 predecessor without the reverse function?

Are you on the forum "Treadleon"? All you ever wanted to know about treadle and handcranks.

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No Ma'am, I am not but look. Gonna ask me Mum to see if she has anything and maybe someone with a glove machine.

Bye the byways, how's the roads y'all's way? Gotta Berea wedding to attend and maybe a run to north of Knox for lunch with Pops. Been too long and surprises waste time. Loordy! I can already feel my wallet getting lighter. And for those with fat wallets  ...take truck and your friend and go Friday before wknd warriors get there. Largest gathering in these United States.