Automated Pattern Generating Software (without CAD skill)

Started by mithusingh, September 15, 2022, 05:40:27 PM

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Synthesis software for tailors. It auto-generates patterns for Shirts and T-shirts and easily launches your products without technical design or pattern-making skills. Create designs and patterns for staple clothing in a few clicks. Cut down drafting and sampling time. Can fine-tune fit, choose fit from extra slim, slim, regular, to loose. Automatically grade patterns to any size, whether it's a full standard size range or bespoke.

This software can export graded patterns in your preferred file format (DXF, PDF, PLT, JSON) and configuration for any manufacturing requirements. It automatically optimizes nesting and applies markers, notches, grainlines, and labels.

You can try it for free >>


this is something worth looking further into, but it seems it will only create basic items. the need for human input woud still be required i feel, at least for now, for the nuanced and much more complicated or elaborate styles.



I think it is real nice. It is usable for manufactorers and custom tailors. But for little tailors the price is a bit on the wrong side.
I am very nosy to see how the interference program is working. Measureing is the hardest part for me.