Fitting Ladies Garments

Started by Schneiderfrei, March 12, 2016, 11:03:56 PM

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Fitting Ladies Garments

As many as I could find.

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Hello, I would really like to access these documents, however there is a "photobucket" logo and they are blurred out. Please advise if there is a link to download this, especially in its entirety.

Thank you!

Thom Bennett

In my collection of old books is "The Art of Fitting Ladies Garments" as time allows I will scan it and add it to my dropbox. Give me a week and I'll get it uploaded.
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A. Ferrell

In order to download the images, right-click on each image and select "Open image in new tab" (or whatever your browser of choice's equivalent is). Then right-click the image (still blurry) and choose "Save image" and save it to your computer. It will save without the Photobucket logo and without being blurry. When you open the image you will now be able to see it clearly. You can then compile all the individual images into a PDF and save it on your computer.

Henry Hall

Yes, this is how I got images from C&T before it imploded.
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I never knew that! Thanks A. Ferrell.

A bit late now of course.

I will enter a new set of images through this forum, but I'll beaway for a week or so.

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