Missing pages from ABC des Schneiderhandwerk Sakkos

Started by Schneiderfrei, June 11, 2022, 12:10:00 AM

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I have been reviewing the volume - ABC des Schneiderhandwerk Sakkos.

I have found, to my horror, that a few pages, including text and images are missing in the only copy I can find of that manual.

I am asking if anyone can present an edition that includes the missing pages? Or since that is likely a big job, even just the missing pages would be very helpful.

The pages are: 56 and 57.  If you look you will find that the text is missing from the end of Abbilding 177, til the end of 186.  and the images 175 184 inclusive are likewise missing.  This section is about attaching the sleeve to the bodice, and that is a very sensitive part of construction, as posaune's recent post has shown.

If I could have scans of those pages I would re-do the existing pdf to include them. The best outcome would be a new, and better scanned job of the entire volume/Heft, since there are some missing words in other parts also.


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Pfaff260, yes that is the volume, and unfortunately the pages are missing between 55 and 58.

Someone has posted an alternate version of Heft/volume 4 nach Westen, which is much more nicely scanned than the original set of pdfs. but I can't find such a version for Sakkos.

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Hi Schneiderfrei,

If you give me yr email adress I can send the comp;ete PDF..

Cheers, Hendrick


Sadly Hendrick could not find a copy of the ABC Sakko with the missing pages.

It was Schneidergott who made them available on the old forum. Does anybody have a contact for him?

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