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Started by Steelmillal, February 18, 2021, 11:37:49 PM

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Hey all, can anyone comment on Muller Rechenschieber? Short story is they are circular slide rules, or linear scales (computers), that match Muller equations. Input this, output that. Q.E.D done and sorted.

I've only seen photos in old journals before receiving a men's and women's, and I've yet to find other images online. I'll post photos soon. Thx loads, y'all.

Photos added. I've only handled these twice. They were in a lot I bought recently. There's one larger and three small books, including a copy of the following:

A friend is looking at the rest but if she punts, I told the seller I'd mention it all here. The grading books are left, and 17th "Damen Kostume Zuschnitt", a "Blusen", and some catalogs from the 50s. Rare stuff for the States.


It consists of 3 round metal discs of different sizes - all revolving around a center. Scales were engraved on it. If you then set the chest, waist and hips (rotating the disks), you got the calculated value for the construction of your pattern.


I believe I have an old one for women's measurements packed away somewhere.


Now I want to find where mine is! When I bought it years ago I also couldn't find any other photos online. My one is made from heavy card. I'm curious if they are the same.

Der Zuschneider

I have a brand new one for men here. It is only an collector's item. The results are not to exact, sometimes 5 - 10mm off.
I tried to develop one with exact numbers but it is not worth the work. Those "Rechenschieber" are sold for 100$, if you see one online.

I didn't know there is also one for women.
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For who wants to make his own. This is the gents one.



Thanks pfaff260!
Futura, good score!

Der Zuschneider

Tailoring is the love of doing art at OCD level.


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Finally found mine.  ;D

Where did you find it?

I bought it a few years ago as a set with a 1960s book, either from eBay or an online book marketplace in Germany. I don't recall what edition the book is. I think it's still wrapped up in a stack of textbooks on my cutting table as I slowly unpack.

Too many boxes to go through. I still haven't found my collection of old Rundschau issues. ;D


Pfaff I think we could thank posaune for those images, I am certain she posted them a couple of years ago.
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