Parsons Tunic Shirt Draft 1930s

Started by Schneiderfrei, February 09, 2021, 11:08:54 PM

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This is the Draft that goes with the Parson's Tunic Construction:

It is older than the main target era for most of this forum, but it is a very interesting historical perspective and a very convoluted form of draft.

Be warned, it is very far from the modern Rundschau shirt draft, more like a voluminous envelope, with 28 cm (10") of extra ease.

As well as the standard tunic, there is a second draft for a tunic evening shirt.

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Its interesting to see the changes in silhouette over time.


Yes it is Terri,

I thought to do a post on the reduction of ease in shirts over time since the 30's.  I might still do it, though I actually only have a limited number of drafts available.  I also know that there are precious few shirt drafts in print anyway.

I will see how I go.  At least I have an 18th C 'Missouri River Boatman's shirt' to compare, then the 30's tunic, and then the german drafts, a 60's Italian one and I will rumage around for a few more.

The most spectacular change, I think, is from the rather envelope shaped silhouette up until the 70's/80's and the beautiful boxy bodice of the rundschau draft from 2000.

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There is a boys shirt as part of this collection.


I think you are correct Greger.

I will have a look for it in my collection.

As it happens I have been doing a tunic with fashion points from this draft but based on the loose version Rundschau shirt from year 2000.
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