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Here is my most recent attempt. There are still a few tool I find awkward to use, and there are a couple of things I want to change. I am mostly trying to get a sense of how to efficiently set up my grid and important landmarks and to not forget to insert things I will want later.

Break a leg is fine!
Thanks, I have a lot of pattern-making under my belt, so you are correct, one aspect of the task is already accomplished, and although the computer is available I just never utilized it as a tool for an artistic endeavour.

I feel that I am getting somewhere though.
I had trouble getting my mac to open Seamly 2D which is why I am using Valentina for the moment.
Thanks for the tip about saving the download file. I will go away and google how to do that!
Hi, this is so interesting to me.
I have just started to learn pattern drafting and after a pencil and paper draft, I thought, "let's do it digitally."
I have been working in the Graphics/CAD/computers field for decades. Once you get the basic principals of digital drawing and pixel manipulation learnt, it's fairly rudimentary to go from program to program, ie. SketchUp, AutoCad, Freehand, Illustrator etc.

I was unaware of this program, "Valentina." There is also another one, that was split-off from the original project, called Seamly2D. Both are open-source.
There is a very informative page, dated Dec. 2017, on their creation here:

When I started down the computers/graphics side of life in the mid-80's, you would have to spend 100s to 1000's of dollars for software, and even so today.
I love that you can now get open-source software for free that will amaze you with it's power to create.
Having been down this road before, I would recommended that you save, in a safe spot, the original "installation download file," in case it no longer is available in the future.

Terri, I can see from your blog and such, that you are good at drawing and envisioning 3d from 2d, so I don't think you'll have a hard time learning to do this.
Thank you for posting about this. I am going to try my hand at these programs.
Good luck and ? ( Is there a phrase for tailors similar to "break-a-leg")

PS, there is a good video on Valentina at an Open Tech Summit 2016.
The Marketplace / Re: Opinion on a Singer 201K
« Last post by Steelmillal on Today at 12:27:05 AM »
The Marketplace / Re: Opinion on a Singer 201K
« Last post by TTailor on Today at 12:18:54 AM »
In my experience, these machine will sew almost anything and do it well.
I would try to find a manual so you can maintain it well- how to oil it for instance.
I have not looked into the cost of a plotter for printing. I donít know if it would be a reasonable expense for me.
At this point I think that figuring out the software is my priority and I am getting better at it.
I have not yet created a basic model and tried to generate different sizes, but I am getting close to it.

I also have not yet tried to print a pattern out on a regular printer. I will do that.
Once I get a pattern I want to work with, I am also going to try to have it printed at a local copy shop to see how it turns out and what the cost might be.
Drafting, Fitting and Construction / Re: Heavy Winter Overcoats
« Last post by Steelmillal on January 27, 2021, 11:47:45 PM »
Guess I better put down the cleaver!  ;D  I'll post the detail photos I have soon. I'll also pull other inspiration items I have and try to find similar drafts to match. Fit and warmth is key to the cause of this. A nice blue on blue something tweed with a good proportion of cashmere and overchecks would be nice, maybe, too..

By memory(since corrected), the top coat fabric weight was 32oz, the jacket/trouser boiler suit was 20oz, the shirt was 7.5oz wool flannel, and 26oz jerkin liners, all worsted and some waterproofed by a method as yet unknown..  That's a lot of wool when soldiers had field gear, ordinance, et al., to carry with proper hobnail boots on. I'll get back into the old forum archive I saved and try to find what Sator published for other civilian drafts. I also stumbled on a Swedish "grown on" undersleeve adaptation I like very much. It looks like lining material...

The back pockets would be great for my Grand Tour iff this lockdown ever lifts.

I found this entry with photos pulled from the same source as the drafts I posted before.

Drafting, Fitting and Construction / Re: Valentina and computer drafting systems
« Last post by Gatto on January 27, 2021, 08:25:21 PM »
Terri,  hello !
In these days I was thinking to do the same, for designing a shirt model and then adapt to the mesurments of the different clients

I would like to ask you: what will you need then ?
I think that buying  a comoputerized cutting table would be too expensive .
Maybe a plotter to print the drafts and then cut the pieces by hand,
or maybe a plotter that  cut also the paper ?
I do not have any ideas of how much these  could cost.


The Marketplace / Re: Opinion on a Singer 201K
« Last post by BenJM on January 27, 2021, 03:29:45 PM »
I got it, got home gave it a good wipe down just water although anything chromed has been well cleaned with isopropyl alcohol (kept very clear of the pain on the sewing machine) Iím pretty happy and the stitch quality is amazing, far better then the husky I have by a long mile.

Drafting, Fitting and Construction / Re: Heavy Winter Overcoats
« Last post by TTailor on January 27, 2021, 12:32:13 AM »
We have a number of vintage military great coats at work, and no kidding, they are heavy weight!
I was going to say bulletproof, but no, they cloth is so dense I can imagine them being too hot at -20.

By dissection you don't mean to unstitch it do you? (Please say no :( )
It is great to document vintage clothes though. Its really informative to see the real thing along with the drafts!
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