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Looks like they went wild cutting experiements.
A bunch of nice coats.
Glad you posted them.
here we have the first example of the series. These little journal were addressed to the tailors out in the country who had no possibility to visit a course. The growth or development of the proportions from Back width, Arm diameter and Bustwidth is very well explained. And they go into different posture types thoroughly. Very valuable.
here it is interesting to see,in the first example with the heavy shoulders and how they take out to get a small hem circumference. I think it was called Y-line.
very ugley.
thnak you Schneiderfrei
Women's Cutter And Tailor / Re: Pics are here again
« Last post by Schneiderfrei on May 20, 2018, 12:01:04 AM »
My pleasure posaune,

Hutch could tell you that was a bit distressed when I saw they were all lost. I spent a bit of time - it wasn't too much - to restore them.

Luckily, on this forum, I can edit old posts without any difficulty.  I wish I could do it on the other forum.

Women's Cutter And Tailor / Pics are here again
« Last post by posaune on May 19, 2018, 07:30:46 PM »
Hi Schneiderfrei,
What a relief I can see the pics again from the Zuschnitt. I just wanted to write to you and beg for #1 der Zuschnitt. But today I could see the pics again. I have downloaded it quickly.
I could not see them for some time. Thanks for taking your time
Drafting, Fitting and Construction / Re: A men's shirt from 1973.
« Last post by Schneiderfrei on May 17, 2018, 09:08:57 PM »
That's great thanks.

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