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Scissors And Shears / Re: Just arrived Heinisch 8 14.5 inch.
« Last post by hutch-- on Today at 10:41:51 AM »
The shears went for $45.00 USD plus $30.00 USD postage. Converted to AUD, $126.00.
I only have black and grey anyway. I bought some 10m reels in a few other colours (blue, maroon, dark green) which I found at a warehouse, but apart from some of the blue I've barely used those.

I'll likely just buy black and grey again when I need to. Good to know they can be found at B&B.
Scissors And Shears / Re: Just arrived Heinisch 8 14.5 inch.
« Last post by Henry Hall on Today at 01:41:16 AM »
How much did you pay?
Oh, and the link the Jeffery's blog seems to be broken... The correct link is here:
You can still buy reels from B & B, but they only seem to have a few colours now (mostly in very large reels, which I don't recall seeing before), whereas they used to have dozens in 100m reels...
Scissors And Shears / Just arrived Heinisch 8 14.5 inch.
« Last post by hutch-- on January 23, 2020, 12:00:46 PM »
I normally don't buy shears that other folks can use without complex restoration as I don't want to deny others the chance of getting one of these big pairs but I found a pair of Heinisch number 8 (14.5 inch) on eBay that were looking for a good home that could be restored to good condition so I bought them. The important thing when evaluating a pair of shears is if you can still see the inlays and this pair look like they have not been butchered in the past and the blades are close enough to their original size. This is the pair as they arrived this morning.

You can buy it from Kenton Trimmings. That's where I've bought it.

Seems now it's sold in 1-10 metres. Whereas I previously got an entire reel.
According to Jeffery Diduch, unfortunately, GŁtermann Agreman Gimp Buttonhole Thread is no longer made. He asks on his blog where in the world a similar gimp can be found.

Does anyone have a good source for a similar gimp?



Dear Greger,

and let us not forget "divine imperfection"...
Eventually there will be very good technology that will probably replace off the rack. Replace cutters and tailors, never! Bench made has options that can only be discussed with customer and cutter and cutter and tailor. The human heart has millions of variations that are called desires. Computer programmers simple do not have that vast amount of knowledge. No single person does. Nor any group. There are new desires all the time. Even dragging lines to different places only achieves so much. No doubt this will make clothing much nicer than what is presently available to the common person. But it will never replace top tier work. The purpose of the pattern is to help in the process of making the garment. Not rule the garment. Garments that are pressed into shape. Even this is art and can be done many ways to achieve that specialness of the garment that the customer ask for. Basic pressing is for beginners. Sometimes I see garments that are at war; the pattern and pressing don't agree. When they hang on the customer, no matter how many fitting, the customer is not embellished by the garment. Resistance instead of flow is not good. Can these new systems put the goods where the goods belong with out fittings? Inlays are important. Measurements, patterns and cutting. Cuttings needs inlays for perfection. Will they machine baste for the fittings? The human brain accumulates knowledge and skills that the machines never will. Machines follow codes. Humans don't. Humans are forced to think outside the box. A machine can't. Maybe in 50 year there will be enough code, and then people will decide to go naked (giggle giggle).
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