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Started by Greger, November 12, 2023, 12:55:05 PM

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This guy has a number of videos that are interesting.


Gregor, Thanks for the heads up on this one, even if it is 2 am and you provided the opening to a rabbit hole!  ;D

In one video he is actually hand knitting, black silk stockings using US size 0000 needles and silk thread he says he does use for buttonholes at times. (It looks a bit thinner than standard buttonhole thread.)


I was just mentioning to some fellow woodworking hobbyists how sewing structured garments has never taken off as a hobby like woodworking (I am sure there are many compounding good reasons for this). But why is it that the most well produced YouTubers on this topic that do exist always seem to do historical tailoring?

Admittedly, I have not gone deep down this rabbit hole at all and my impression may be entirely based on the particular interests of my wife.
I am neither a doctor, nor is my name Lang. I've just had this handle since 1996.


I have done some very basic woodworking myself when needed. Basically I get much more "bang for my buck" with woodworking, even considering my rudimentary skill level. I built and painted a 4 ft section of custom designed kitchen cabinetry in less than 2 days for completion. First cabinets I ever built and I was not embarrassed with the results - was actually rather proud. It would take me 4-5 days to tailor a jacket and I've been sewing for over 50 years!

Same thing with knitting. My worst fiber craft. I could make 2 jackets in the time it would take me to knit a sweater and I'd not be happy with the sloppy tension on the knitting. No "bang for the buck with knitting for me - which is why I was so fascinated with hand knitted silk stockings.