Men's Pattern Drafting:Introduction to the Direct Measurement System . S Hostek

Started by Fabien, December 05, 2020, 05:09:49 AM

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Hello !

does any body know this book, is it worth ?

Men's Pattern Drafting: An Introduction to the Direct Measurement System by Stanley Hostek

Thanks for your answers !


Got his other books. Don't have that one. Went to him to learn something about a pattern adjustment. I was thinking about printing out the picture of a pattern, front and back. But I took directions for making a pattern (from England) because it was quicker to grab that. He took one look at it and told me to make my own systems for making patterns. Clothes are art. Never supposed to copy someone else's art. Anyway, there are different schools of thought on this subject. Plus, everyone's brain is wired different. I'm in the school of,  look at several systems and then create your own systems. Fashions and styles come and go and adjusting patterns for these changes adds to your skills. His book is probably worth getting.