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Started by Tikiguayo, July 19, 2020, 11:14:12 AM

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Hendrick- I have addressed all female groups only and mixed groups of people thru out most of my life as, "Okay guys" or "Hey guys". Being born and raised in Tennessee, I always enjoyed receiving that form of address myself - ANYTHING other than, "Hey, y'all".

I have suffered immensely throughout my life as a direct result of ignorant, redneck misogyny. It has cost me a literal lifetime fortune.  Wasting time correcting minor verbiage has been occurring for more than 40 years and has been proven useless. I personally don't care if a mailman or a mail person delivers my mail, so long as it is delivered correctly. "I'm a salesman for xyz company" has come out of my own mouth on more than one occasion.

Now, because of so much ignorant, farcical "politically correct" crap, as a white, middle aged woman I am mandated to never speak up in any way to anyone. Usage of my intelligence is viciously abused and ridiculed if I dare open my mouth in public. I cannot tell the prissy blond model-wannabe at the supermarket to put her mask over her nose and mouth as she looks like shit with it hanging under her chin anyway. Nor do I dare discuss my interest in learning about people from other places as to acknowledge that a person speaks in a different way is confirmation of my own "ignorant, prejudiced 'white privilege' ". Either way, I am guaranteed to be viciously abused with the excessively prejudiced label of "Karen".

God! Do I feel for ANY woman named Karen!

No, it isn't enough that my working life has been massively less than financially rewarding, now I MUST behave as if I have no intelligence at all and no ability whatsoever to interact with anyone from another race or culture. I MUST at ALL times obediently remain silent and submit myself to always being treated as the less-than-human creature that I am. I am a worthless middle-aged white woman. My name is Karen.

It's actually Tina, BTW.

I enjoy this site immensely. I appreciate the comments and knowledge from everyone and the overall sense of genuine encouragement and inclusiveness that exists. Good manners are practiced by all.

And let's not forget the number of people that visit here with English as a second language; combining cultures from all over the world.

I have only included what I stated above to let people know how horribly hate-filled this current climate is for me and I don't believe I am alone in my thinking. The level of intentional ignorance being bred is quite frightening.

Please let's not get lost in political correctness. The status quo here is so much more inclusive than any other forum I've found on the net and so much better than anything I've encountered IRL in the last two decades.

I love you guys! ("Guys" NOT being used as gender specific. ;) )


Schneider sind auch Leute


He he, a good read Spookie, you could end up as cynical as I am.

White privilege.
Sad to say for the "WOKE WARRIORS" I don't intend to apologise for being born nor do I accept responsibility for many of the terrible things that have been done around the world including here in OZ as I did not do any of these things. Perhaps some of these "WOKE WARRIORS" need to experience the joys of White privilege when the ugly facts are that very few people ever experience the so called benefits of White privilege. Try unemployment, the dustbowl era in the US, the great depression, wars, repression that hits white people just as badly as anyone else.

I will happily address the many appalling things done to poor people which includes black people, not only in the US but here is OZ as well and I fully support removing the impediments that so many have faced on racial grounds but the reverse attack is counter productive and turn supporters into detractors as they get savaged by the noisy few.

Lets not forget that racial abuse has been around for a long time and it has not been confined to white people. Slave traders from north Africa used to kidnap people from Ireland and parts of England and sell them on the slave markets in the middle east. Then there are various middle eastern countries that still practice slavery and they are not white people either. Racial abuse occurs around the world and the vast majority of it is not be white people.

At least here Spookie, we have an implicit rule, members must be human beings and behave like human beings. The respect that people require must also be given and if we get anyone who does not adhere to that idea, they will be let loose on the internet completely free of this venue.  ;D
The magnificent tools of the professional tailor  ;) ;D



In my judgement of character, or talent for that matter, race or colour are of no importance. So what is left is, indeed, my personal judgement of talent and character. The sad thing about current developments is, in my humble opinion, that people of certain racial backgrounds are being exploited as tokens by people of a certain political conviction, so to speak. Sadly, most of them don't realise themselves that they are in fact the "business model" of those politicians...