pitch or hang of the sleeve

Started by posaune, March 14, 2020, 04:33:08 AM

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 I want to include "preciselier" in the next Oxford English Dictionary.


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English is not my mother´s tounge, so I´m not bound to these narrow limits as you poor native speakers.

Maybe " more precisely" woud have been rightier? ;)


Oh, I did not notice! I knew exactly what was meant. It should have a place in the Oxford book
"Do you think the armhole shape or position changes on the body and then the sleeve follows?"
Yes indeed. If you have a forward stance par ex. the position (lean more into the front towards the shoulder) and the shape is changed (rotated). If you look at the first pic at  the little round drawings they show the shape of the arm"socket"  (my my what is the english word??Precisley) for each posture.


Righty-oh, that one is even more melodious. :)

I think scye will be better than socket in this case. :)
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