Show Us Your Curves

Started by Steelmillal, March 09, 2020, 04:31:12 AM

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yeah, yeah, I know. But y'all aint gonna see another one today...

Just look at those curves...


Bought these of cbay last year. They are stainless steel and were from someone from Ford made a longtime ago by hand, no CNC. I'm off to office supply to find a grid transparency. Hopefully I can scan them individually with a 'zero' reference so anyone, anywhere can print and cut and paste on something to make your own. Enlarge, shrink. Whatever.


Schneider sind auch Leute


No grid to be had. Will try direct scanning and hope stainless doesn't wash out or reflect too much. I'd like to find one of these, too, but didnt capture the poster in the screenshot. Anyone have similar or seen who sells them? Be great in stainless, but the 'parabola' method I outlined up-thread would be the hand construction method if need be. Taped up cardboard would for a while.


Made a hash of it, and also lefts and rights. Think print, cutout, tape onto substrate, and exacto out shape. I have some scrap vinyl flooring for odd curves. Think thin luan plywood from flooring shops would be very cheap and universally ta' hand. Used MS paint to flip and it looks like one may scale and morph is other shapes wanted, using the lpg files as base. Rgds.