The Rules Of The Forum

Started by hutch--, March 11, 2016, 08:47:28 AM

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We aim to be a friendly forum of members where the collective skills of a wide range of people can be utilised and where the skills of members with many years of experience is treated with respect. The rules of the forum are not a rigid mechanical set of dictates but a general guideline of what we expect from members and it will be enforced on the basis of intent as seen by our admin team.

1. Respect for members
For every name that you see on a forum, there is a human being behind it that has joined the forum with aspirations, the ability to contribute where they can and the desire to be treated like a human being. Disagreements are normal among people but we expect such differences to be conducted in a friendly and non-aggressive manner. Treat our members with respect and you will be treated with respect. We will remove any bad mannered posts and persistent offenders will be banned.

2. No Abuse
There will be no abuse or insults towards other members. Whilst it is normal for people to disagree over different things, any differences will be handled with good manners and respect for other members. With only a minor tolerance allowed here for idiomatic variation, profanities are not allowed in the forum as they can offend other members. Nuisance postings, pontifications and lecturing are considered as abuse and will not be tolerated.

3. The NO HELP DESK Rule.
This forum is a forum of members, it is not a help desk and should not be treated as one. Members contribute their expertise on the basis of their goodwill as time allows. Please respect this and do not try and treat our members as facilities to be exploited.
Also DO NOT delete the content of a post once it has been answered as other members have made the effort to answer the post and their effort is retained for others to read.

4. Realistic Expectations.
We certainly encourage members to try more complex garment types as they gain in experience but we do expect new members to have some idea of basic techniques, cutting fabric, using a sewing machine and how to hand stitch various parts of a garment. We cannot help people who have no grasp of the bare basics like "how do I thread a needle" or people with unreasonable expectations like making a 3 piece business suit in a weekend. Many garment types require highly skilled artisans and some of these techniques take years to master.
The magnificent tools of the professional tailor  ;) ;D