Started by posaune, June 23, 2019, 06:32:51 AM

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interesting! Shirt style jackets. Much wider legged pants. Maye some fall fronts. Some shirts were different.
Some of this good for one season. Much of this looks easy to make for those who make popular stuff.


Oh, I'll have to get a twitter account.
Schneider sind auch Leute


I did not like the "small boy" suits - but I do not think I like the sloppy oversized look with the flip flops either.
Some of them are very nice styled clothes - clean in shape and fabric -  but how are they presented do not impress me much.


I think some fashions are about gab (talk, nonsense, hype), "Oh, so Cool." and not really about fit or good looks. Sometime fit matters, which might be some sort of improper. Find out what the nonsense is about and make that the best you can. Art is about stuff. Even nonsense. Seasonal is made for a season. Not a life time. One way to think about it is only put in as much as will be appreciated, and nothing more. Some of those coats are like a lab coat, but made for one seasons fashion. 1-3 hours to make. Not 30,000 hand stitches. And be handed over to Good Will at the end of the season. The trousers will last longer. As a boy sometimes I would buy Root Beer Pop. shake it up and then open it. So to say, the winner had the lest amount left to drink. We really didn't buy them to drink. Fashions are the same. Clothes for another purpose.


You rarely see good fit at these shows anyway - the models are all stick thin and weirdly proportioned, and they've just been quickly shoved in to whatever pieces were brought along for the show, which may not even be fully finished. They almost certainly didn't take the time to pick the best-fitting garments from the range for each model - there's probably just somebody backstage with a load of pins and a stapler. They just need to give the impression of what the range should look like in the 15 seconds it takes them to walk past.