Crooked Cut

Started by Greger, June 04, 2019, 04:35:12 AM

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Edward Elgar

It is a shame this method of coat making isn't used/done anymore. It's a beautiful technique. At least I haven't seen anybody doing this for a very long time.


Greger, why do you think this is a crooked cut?


The way the fronts are pushed forward. Wonder if it is a four button coat.

Henry Hall

Definitely an Edwardian (not in the sense of Edward Elgarian!) four-button coat.

Not sure about it being crooked in any special sense. That's just something you do as a fitting/design adjustment.
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As gorgeous as the coat is, I'm guessing most men are happy that shirt collar hasn't found its way back into vogue in recent history. :-\


Ahh, you mean the widow maker?
Schneider sind auch Leute


That is funny, it is called vatermoerder .( father killer)  i german.

Der Zuschneider

Fronts are pushed forward because of the strong canvas inside.
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In dutch, we call them "vadermoordenaar"... Interestingly, the French (much spoken in bourgeois Holland and Flanders then)  called them "parasites" (Mit-Esser?), that when spelled slightly wrong, becomes "paracide", latin for someone who killed their father...


I love that kind of background to language, thank you Hendrick.
Schneider sind auch Leute


Wow, this is really beautiful! By the way, there are companies that sew some things with this method, for example, noracora. But is noracora a legitimate company- the question remains open.


Is it a legit company?

Actually, for fun, I keep a full folder of "crapsites" on my computer. Sites like "holapick", "floryday", "clothmyths", "dressily", "augenstern", "shein", "veryvoga" and co, all with no eception, offer the same cheap merchandise. It is near impossible to trace their origins. Most of the offering is polyesters.
Some of these sites actually use photos from real fashionshows that are doctered with their designs or colourways. Again; impossible to tell where they are from, but I have my suspicions; I believe these sites are run from China. Therefor, I think chairman Xi's "new silk route"should better be called "the Polyester Express...