Interesting form of collar construction.... Any clearer versions?

Started by LeiaOrgana2187, January 11, 2018, 02:17:56 AM

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Quote from: pfaff260 on January 15, 2018, 06:11:37 PM
To right my wrong, here is the jacket.
Posaune, you are wright, this is from the 30's

For this diagram....

Is the collar here a turn-down like a shirt collar leaf or Prussian collar, or a stand up one like a Mandarin collar... from what I know, a Waffenrock collar looks like shirt style collar...


PLush I should have read the text! Thank you Peter.
This collar needs no dressing too.


As you can read in the section "der Kragen" this collar is a turn down collar.

b-b1-a2-a1-b is the collar stand. It´s 3,5cm wide in the front and 4,5 cm in the back.
b-b1-a3-a4-b is the turn down part. It´s 6,3cm in the front and 4,8cm in the back.

Stand and fall are seperate pieces.


 I was expecting something like this if a Waffenrock is assembled... (sorry if the ill symbol is there; I'll replace it with a censored one later)


While I feel the pattern shown here would end up with like this:


Came back after some few years, and found these rare jewels. Can anyone lend me more detailed versions?


Looks like a nice project. The portions given may need to be adapted to fit the persons appearance. When cloth is folded over, that usually adds an 1/8 inch. A given method is a general help. Mass-production works off different reasoning.