General dump for corpulent drafts (coats, trousers, shirts, etc.)

Started by LeiaOrgana2187, December 19, 2017, 10:43:38 PM

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Considering that patterns for corpulent figures are quite rare and hard to find (finding a shiny Pokémon in the Pentagon in Pokémon GO is far easier... at least you get my point), I am considering to open a topic that is specifically designed to dump interesting patterns on (favorably Rundschau, as they use centimeters) that deal with corpulence in one place to make things easier.

Just feel free to post.


Thank you for this. I like (and need) all I can find.

Now I need to remember to find a metric tape. The conversions are a pain!


If anybody has a Rundschau pattern for any garment, be it a lounge coat, body coat, shirt, or pants sitting in your collection, as long as it is specialized for the corpulent figure. don't hesitate and feel free to dump them here. Your contribution be a big help for many.

Antique Russian and obscure British patterns (other than from well-known books like MTOC and T&C) and others are also accepted.


I don't believe that we should discriminate against better known systems. Any information for corpulent and stout drafts should be welcomed. What is well known to us may be obscure to others and any unconventional draft information can only help those that are just starting out or even those of us who become a little rusty.


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Henry Hall

It should also be in a proper place rather than dumped into one thread.
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Henry, if it starts to get messy, it could be set up separately for men and women, but having it all in a designated place would really be helpful for those searching for assistance on the subject exclusively.


Indeed We do have a board for Drafting, Fitting and Construction.

I would prefer corpulent drafts to be posted there. When each single pattern is titeled "Corpulent draft for... " everybody will find it.
Mixing coats, trousers, skirts, waistcoats, blouses, shirts, women and men in a single thread is confusing and would be a quite long thread. When anybody wants so collect these patterns, he can store it in a seperate file on his own computer or in his cloud. No need to do this in the forum.

Please don´t forget, there aren´t only belly figures out there. There is a wide range of pattern alterations for special body figures and I think the best solution is to label such patterns and pattern alterations right and post them in the patternmaking board so everybody can find what he needs.

BTW, as a moderator I would move such a thread in the patternmaking section anyway.


I guess I'm just looking at things realistically.

There is so very little posted on the subject after how many years of C&T?

Even now, we're about to have more discussion on where to place them than there are for actual posts on the subject.

And if there are more posts on the subject at C&T, they are buried amongst the other threads that aren't specifically labeled for corpulent drafts.

Just saying, it would be nice to keep them separate. Both for newbs and professionals tuning in because they have a customer with a specific problem.

A rainstorm of information would be wonderful, but I've barely found a sprinkle so far.

Thom Bennett

This is a post about where to put stuff. The way we have it helps to keep things tidy and to stop threads containing actual systems do not get buried in pages of discussion and help posts as with the unwieldy Cutter and Tailor.  There could be a section within the drafting reference board where all corpulent drafts which can then be referred to with out the burden of trying to find information, as Peterle points out if posts are correctly titled and keywords added then finding through the search engine should suffice.
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I didn't mean to start a chain of discussion about it, but it simply makes sense to me the very reason the drafting reference section was created was to make things easier to find if anything gets posted. Rather than the random threads scattered through the forum as at C&T (as Tom says).
From what I'm reading above it seems everyone is roughly in agreement?
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