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Started by posaune, November 14, 2016, 09:08:38 PM

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I do not know to where I should write this I choose this because the word learning and quality garments  were in the title.
I thought you should see this too - I'm speechless about that craftmanship.

Yesterday I got a mail from a befriended tailor. He showed me some shirts he did recently. Here is one of them:

I asked him about the fabric because I thought the fit of the fabric pattern is amazing. He send me some pics and I give you here 2 of them

He wrote:
It is called Batik sutra atbm.  the key word is : Membatik.

The fabric is made from synthetic silk. And they draw the picture (I mean the flowers) by hand (with wax and there are severall clever dyeing processes).

It takes maybe a few weeks to a month to make (to painting) a Batik.
Sometimes it is made not from silk but from cotton fabric.
The fabric is 250cm times 112cm .
See the pattern laying:
Next picture: The paper pattern one side of the body:
You see beside the back pattern , there are long vertical flowers, they are for collar and under collar and the small vertical flower are for the cuff.

Next pic:  Pattern for the other side 

The piece of fabric is designed for just one shirt ! Just Beautifull
For those who are interested I have found a video in english



Fascinating, beautil and an incredibly detailed process!
This was good to see, thanks.

Henry Hall

Great pattern matching on the first shirt.

I've seen this batik process with my own eyes, in Indonesia nearly 15 years ago. On a very small scale though. My girlfriend at that time is of Indonesian origin (via Suriname) and I went with her family to seek out relatives. It rained for almost three months. We brought back several hand-made Sarong cloths.
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Thanks for post these photos, its very good quality work but I would hate to have to pay for fabric like that, it must be worth a fortune.
The magnificent tools of the professional tailor
https://movsd.com/tailors_shears/  ;) ;D


When in high school some girls were doing batik in art class. It is a nice art. And makes nice clothing.


That is very lovely posaune.  Thank you for sharing.

I am amazed at the parts of the cloth that are not used for this shirt, wow, that is a very artistic decision.

Schneider sind auch Leute


Stunning work! Thank you for posting.