T&C Smoking Jacket 1949

Started by Henry Hall, March 14, 2016, 04:24:12 AM

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Henry Hall

The original version of this draft was posted by Peterle and is in the apprentice section. I posted this here because it is a reformatted version with a colour illustration and some metric conversions.

(Right click and open in a new tab to read full-size images. Download a pdf version here).

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Hello Henry,

    Thank you for reposting this draft, I have just had a customer call me that wishes this type of garment. 

Earlier today, I was looking for my Chaundry's, cutter and tailor book.  I thought there may be a newer draft for one of these coats in it, but dismayed to find that I have misplaced my only copy this book. 

If anyone has a spare copy of this book, I would appreciate them contacting me.

Kind regards



Hello All,

    I received a request for a very dark green velvet and silk high end smoking jacket.  The client wants a high garment as per the description and draft posted.

I am asking for advice from anyone with  experience working with smoking jackets and can recommend the best sources for cloths, silk, cuffs, collar, cording, for its construction.

Kind regards