Hemming a serged pant leg

Started by Amb0925, June 19, 2024, 11:55:48 AM

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I am hemming a pair of pants for a customer and on the original hem the raw edge was serged and folded once (so the serged edge is visible from the inside of the garment) and then the serged edge is blind stitched to secure the hem. When I hem it I have more than enough fabric to fold the raw edge under a second time so that it is not visible at all, and I think I would prefer to do it that way? Maybe I'm being an anti-serger snob. I've been told to always try to match the original garment as much as possible but either way, I don't have a serger and I will definitely have to cut some excess off the hem so I feel like the zigzag stitch I will have to use to mimic a serger would be worse. Is there anything wrong with double-folding the hem to conceal the raw edge? Would it be an improvement to the original?


Of course. It would be an improvement.