Poulin’s lost media *UPDATE*.

Started by SO_tailor, February 11, 2024, 08:43:38 AM

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Was searching and found this...


For those who do not know,  a couple months ago I found out that Clarence Poulin  author of "Tailoring Suits the Professional Way" (or TSTPW for short) had a lot of works that are now lost media.

You can view the discussion here: https://movsd.com/BespokeCutter/index.php?topic=1293.0

The following is from the book "The Publish-it-Yourself Handbook" and its available from archive. You'll need an account to view it.
Below are screenshots from the chapter for those who are too lazy don't have time to make an account. Its mostly him talking about how he started publishing his works, but it's nice to see all my snooping was correct!

There is an illustration from "Garment Altering and Repairing and Tailoring Shop Management", the one I've been "Scounting".

Pages below:

It happens to be that the reason publications after TSTPW like Garment Altering were not widely available is because the publishers felt it was "too specialized" to risk money on, so they ran a first edition of 200 copies. Because of this Poulin advertised to schools and they used the copies. This probably explains why the works happens to be only available in a universities, and their rarity. These works were apparently blinded in "Gaylamounts" (No clue what that means) or shelf binders and not cloth. So next time you see one of those be on the look out!


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