How and why this forum was started.

Started by hutch--, March 13, 2016, 06:13:12 PM

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The forum is on a server in beautiful sunny downtown Sydney Australia.

This forum was started at the time that the original Cutter and Tailor forum crashed in 2018

At that time a number of original Cutter and Tailor members recognised the value of continuing to make available the accumulated knowledge.
Of those members Hutch' was foremost and generous enough to host and pay for the Bespoke Cutter and Tailor forum to continue until his passing in May, 2023.

We remaining members would like to honour him for his generosity and commitment.

This new forum continues to develop for a different demand than the Cutter and Tailor forum, with an emphasis on a wider and more inclusive range of skills for people who make many different types of quality clothing.

If you are looking for the original Cutter and Tailor forum, it would appear to only exists in the Wayback Machine:

Newly Registered Members
We ask that ALL of our new members make an Introductory Posting in the Introduction from New Members board, so we know you are a Human & Not a 'Bot'.
You may use or Google Translate if you are not a native English speaker.

So, please make a posting in the forum, tell us about yourself, your experience and specific interests and what brought you here to the Bespoke Cutter and Tailor Forum.

Thanks for joining the forum we hope you enjoy your time here.
Regards, the Forum & Admin' Staff
The magnificent tools of the professional tailor  ;) ;D