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Just like the photo. Marketing vertical sale. Have a suit and shoes very similar. Works. Screenshot from The Clothier and Finisher from 1912. Used to be on guggle books but seems to be missing? I'll try to find. It's a trade journal and mostly ads but still a piece of history.

This is Ludwig von Mises. His book The Theory of Money and Credit was published in 1912 and was promptly ignored in the debate of what resulted in the fraction banking we are now watching fade to imaginary stability. CBDC isn't the answer. Sound money is. The photo is colorized. I wore a flannel suit the same shade of grey chalk stripe yesterday. It was cold here, ha-ha

Thomas Fleming Day, Editor of The Rudder, 1912, on pg288 has article on first American diesel, and five pages down, on 293, is the best human drawn perspective that looks like a modern 3D computer rendering to me.  Pencil, paper, and graphite, and elbow grease works even when the power is turned off.

And somethng contemporanious for rabid Singer Collectors

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Roberts Beaumont's  Colour in Woven Design was republished in 1912. In my opinion, his books are must reads for understanding early weaving, et al, prior to rapier looms coming online. Certainly, modern books may still reference his works, as I have yet to find more scholarly works for the period. His son operated a mill that was on the visit list for whenever, if ever, I make my Danube downhill run, but I need to find the link again. It is now mixed business occupation, by memory.


The Beast of Turin
Was a toss-up: Curves, Overcoating, or Theater research. The original construction was for a 1907 speed record trial. It still runs at Goodwood Revival.