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Started by stoo23, May 31, 2023, 05:51:02 PM

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Hello everyone,... I just thought some of you may like to see / have this rather nicely done Caricature of Hutch that was done way back around 1974/5 by one of our keen Hobbyists and which We posted in Our Vale section on our Slot Car Racing forum.

Just one of Hutch's Other Interests from the past and one in which he perhaps Typically, Excelled.
You can visit our Slot car forum and see the Vale section for Hutch'



Wow, that is a very grand image, and a much broader description of a life than we were privy to. :)

Thank you very much.

Schneider sind auch Leute


I would really Love to find some Older images of Hutch,.. (I think Phil may have some from a few years back), here are a few of Hutcho' Having some fun Racing with us a few years ago.

Was Great to have him come back, build some New cars and have some races with us again after all those years !!

Hutcho' was a'Legend' and possibly just like he was here, was Always willing to offer Help and advice to anyone that needed it and especially to us younger guys that were new to the Hobby. I Learn't SO much from him, as did many others at the time.

Hutch is wearing Black, 2nd on the Left

3rd from the Left

The Tall guy next to the Short guy in Red  :biggrin: I'm wearing the Cap on the far right of the Group

The cars we were Racing  :biggrin:



My goodness, Thank you for these.

Schneider sind auch Leute


A person over on the MASM forum 'posted' this nice Pic of Hutch,.. so thought I would Share it with you all.



Thank you so much for the drawing and the photo. The drawing will find its way into a frame and a place of honor on a wall in my sewing room. A memorial - on the other side of the world - for a kind man who unselfishly gave to others around the world and who obviously made a memorable impact on those in his everyday life. My condolences for the loss of your friend - and ours.

Thank you.
Tina in TN, USA


Another Old slot racing friend, Kim Axton, found this Pic of a Very young Hutcho' and his "Team Testor" Team mates after winning a 24 Hour Teams Enduro event at a Long Gone track in Sylvania a suburb in the south of Sydney,.. Waaay back in the mid to late 60's I'd suggest.

Hutch and Ian Bannister were an awesome duo, Bannister, driving Hutch's cars was a very strong combo, as were Team Testor generally !!
Sadly, Ian passed away only a few years ago, from a heart attack, whilst driving home after an evenings racing.
Not sure about Peter, but Brian is still with us and regularly has race events at their home track in western Sydney  :smiley:

All looking So young   ;)  :)



I grew up absorbing everything CanAm when younger, couldn't wait for my copy of both Motorsport and Road & Track to arrive  :)

In later life I started sim Racing Live on line and raced with many people from around the world, one of whom was Milt Minter Jr, who's father (Milt Minter) actually raced in TransAm and CanAm and drove a number of different McLarens, as well as the later Porsche 917/10 !!

He was a great guy to race with and I Love driving around Watkins Glen, it was and is one of my favourite tracks and I actually have done quite well there and have raced in both a 6 and 12 hour teams event as well as a number of longer 2 and 4 hour solo events all in LeMans style cars.  :)


Mid-Ohio is three hours from me. Last time I was there I saw a repro of the XJ13. Brought a tear to my eyes. Might have been the ALMS engine notes during main race, though..  ;D


Stoo, did you also capture and back up his shears page? it is very good information and proven over years to have quality and merit that will continue to help others stopping by.


Oh YES !!
Absolutely !! ..... AND I went through EVERY Page and Edited the text (where needed) and Corrected Hutch's (at times) slightly Strange punctuation, writing and Spelling  ;)  :)  ::)  8)

See here:


Cpoy Taht! Mnay tmies I uesd waht he wotre as giueds tu dlveoep sahrepnnig slilks..

Copy that! Many times I used what he wrote as guides to develop sharpening skills...

had to bro  ;D

the much-abused comma splice and hyphenated word salad is next...  ???


Found another Pic of Hutch when Racing with us a couple of years ago.

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