Places to find good quality shears

Started by SO_tailor, February 27, 2022, 08:26:40 AM

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Der Zuschneider

Quote from: SO_tailor on March 11, 2024, 04:03:00 AMI see everyone has replied to this two year old post I made eh?


I'm just kidding! Speaking of all this shear talk I found a place called Ernest Wright. They have this amazing looking pair of shears that I hope to get as soon their available.

Link here:

They look reminiscent of those good shears from old. They're just beautiful in every aspect.
Those are sold out! People got money.
Tailoring is the love of doing art at OCD level.


Schneider sind auch Leute

Der Zuschneider

I don't need luck unless to find a part time job, to stay healthy and to be with Jesus.
I have all those shears in nice condition, because I bought them when they were there for an acceptable price.

When a reproduced vintage shear cost 600$ + because of Bidenomics and the batch is sold out, then you only can take a hanky and dry your tears because you can't have one, though you would love to have that kind of money to get one.

Quote from: Schneiderfrei on March 11, 2024, 02:14:39 PMWell good luck.
Tailoring is the love of doing art at OCD level.


Anybody so glad that the like button now exists  ;D ? Back in my day, we didn't have like buttons, we had rocks.


Quote from: Der Zuschneider on March 10, 2024, 05:37:50 AMI now got 3 Heinisch two 13 inch and 1 x 15.5 inch in rust free, no pitting conditom. They are just dull and need to be polished and the paint of the handles need to be stripped and repainted.

I'll be releasing a video about polishing and sharpening soon.


I've a resto project up for 500, and openly invited enquires. Just doing my part of goose the market so Hutch's brother realizes some sort of windfall. We're the only place that chats about it. Looking at prices, it seems to have worked.

Above ist nearly worth the price and a very nice piece IMHO.

Real people not made of money, really good scissors made of modern steel work fine every day and won't break heart with go tip down to concrete.