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This Thursday, the Stratford Festival of Canada is broadcasting our filmed production of Coriolanus.
If you are able to watch it, I do recommend doing so.
It was one of the most technically challenging and innovative production that I think we have ever done. It was one of the most memorable theatre pieces I have seen in my 30 years in theatre.


Directed by Robert Lepage, and a collaboration with Ex Machina. I can't say enough about how interesting it was to see live. I am hoping that the filmed version conveys the same feeling.
There is more behind the scenes footage Nd discussion trailers on the instagram page for the Festival.

I believe the broadcast will be available to view for a week.
Please watch it.
I will come back and post a link to the broadcast on Thursday.


Thank you! It sounds promising!


Thanks for the link, I will make a point of watching it.


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