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Is everyone having PHUN in lockdown ?

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Has the boredom set in yet ? Can you find enough things to do ? So far the only loss is I can not buy enough groceries and today when I went up to the supermarket, they only let me buy 2 litres of milk. Did better with the french Brie cheeses and stocked up with a personal indulgence, another 6 bottles of devilled ham paste which I put on sandwiches with a lot of salt.

Writing very good code at the moment, go for a walk out in the front street to get some fresh air and a bit of exercise, say hi to some of my neighbours who are having as much PHUN as I am. We have been lucky that our prime minister got off his arse fast enough and there has not been a massive outbreak, most infections are people returning from overseas and they are being stuck into hotels for 2 weeks to make sure they don't infect anyone.

Not boredom yet.
Our whole industry (live performing Arts) has been shut down.
I was laid off 2 weeks ago. (I become a full time seasonal employee at my main gig)
 I was able to work on an unfinished project that should have been done by January, but had to stop because I need decisions (buttons) to finish.
i had some tv work to do, also lagging behind  but that has been suspended for the time being.

So now I am walking to my studio for exercise, working on some drafts, maybe sewing something for myself, or maybe spend some time trying some more women' drafting or drafting for stretch.

Get groceries, making soup, knitting, yoga,  reading. Waiting for the weather to get a bit better so I can do some work in the garden or take a drive to the lake.

Lots that can be done,
Until the money runs out🤷‍♀️

theresa in tucson:
"Until the money runs out", that's the wrinkle for a lot of people.  I'm retired as is the spouse with a government pension so we are okay.  The offspring works in an essential industry (he's a machinist) and lives at home so his expenses are minimal but others in my extended family are not so lucky.  I'm staying busy with cooking, cleaning and sewing.  I'm hoping the hot weather just around the corner dampens the virus so the medical field can get a break and industry can ramp up.

tom bennett:
I'm not bored here in the UK, have been a bit worried we have a completely incompetent government that looks more like a rabbit caught in headlights, though they seem to be improving and getting a testing programme set up. I take my German Shepherd out for a country walk, I live on the outskirts of Bristol, I miss visits from close friends.

The Doc put me on a Keto/Carnivore diet in January after I tried a vegan diet which screwed up my T2D, all the starchy veg, grains, beans and cereals created a massive glycemic load on my body. The upshot of all this is I now just eat nose-to-tail and have gone from a 42-40-41 to 39-34-40. I gave away my wardrobe to charity, just before the lockdown. I am going to make myself some new clothes, while I have some time on my hands; luckily both my cloth merchants are still operating, for the time being. Hopefully the small mills will be able to keep going in some capacity so they can fully reopen after this crisis, this could be catastrophic for the wool trade around the world especially here in the UK, in Italy and of course Australia.

It is going to be a worrying time for tailoring around the world, a lot of unfinished jobs left on the rails as clients are unsure if they'll be able to pay the outstanding bills. Will tailors become ill and not return to the trade either if they sadly pass away or retire through subsequent poor health. I really feel for all fellow craftsman in Southern Italy where they have been particularly hard hit, coupled with their incredibly unfit healthcare system.

Anyway I wish everyone well and that you all stay in and stay safe.

Hi, everyone, during this shutdown, we have a time to slow down, it is desperately good, I feel good and well rested, although the financial situation is going worse for me.

Internet Achieve responded to the public, they announced this

Why the National Emergency Library?
Last week, the Internet Archive launched a National Emergency Library of 1.4 million digitized books, available to borrow without our normal waitlist. It is an emergency measure at an extraordinary moment in time, when virtually every library in the nation has closed, cutting off access to hundreds of millions of books for teachers, professors, and students.

If you are interested to browsing more books, please visit their website.  I have a personal request, please give me some advices or recommendation of some sewing books, preferably in English language, that we can take this very rare opportunity that we, who cannot afford to buy all the expensive, old-out-of-stock-in-the-market books, so that we might have a chance to gain more knowledge in this tailoring/pattern draft area


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