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Irish mini-documentary Hands - episode 8 - Tailor

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Theoretically Grey:
Have you seen "Hands, episode 8 - Tailor" ? It's part of Irish documentaries on craftsmanship in Ireland - this particular one from late 70's documents small town family tailoring firm.

It doesn't go to any details (sadly, as some other parts of the series are more "in depth"), although I think it's a charming short video.

I never before seen pressing on knee board elsewhere than in photos... But that could be just me.

Its clear tailoring cannot be conducted without a pipe.

Thank you Theoretically Grey, it is charming.

Its been a long time since I've seen that. Fell asleep watching part of it. Think I watched all the parts slept through. Its nice seeing it again. Tried to find it some years ago. Glad it was posted here.

Henry Hall:
I posted it somewhere else on here about a year ago.

This is another Hands episode that speaks well..


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