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Trouser Cutting - by F.R. Morris
« on: March 11, 2016, 09:00:54 AM »
Sator's notes from C&T:

The Pocket Edition of The Cutter's Practical Guide by F.R. Morris appears to have been popular. I am not sure of the date of original publication but I suspect it may be from around the 1940-50s. However, the Pocket CPG continued to be published up till the late 1960s when it continued to be advertised in The Tailor & Cutter. Morris was the author of a monumental tome on ladies' cutting, so it is interesting to see his views on cutting for men. This particular XIXth edition of the Pocket CPG was published with amendments by Whife to the uniforms section in the 1960s.

The draft for the plain top trousers shown here is the subject of a series of posts on member TTailor's blog, following the drafting process.

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