Author Topic: In Search of Advanced Practical Designing for Men's Clothing by A.G. Chaudhry  (Read 422 times)


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Good day, folks. I am still searching for a copy of "Advanced Practical Designing for Men's Clothing" by A.G. Chaudhry. If by chance you know where I might procure one - either physical or electronic - I'd truly appreciate it.

I do have a copy of Chaudhry's "Designing and Cutting Modern Leisure and Cotton Garments for Men", as well as a copy of Bulsara's "Art and Science of Designing - Drafting Grading and Cutting Men's Garments". As there are remarkable similarities in several of the drafts between these two titles of the two authors (Bulsara did get his diploma form Tailor & Cutter Academy), does anyone know if I might be safe in presuming a marked similarity in the jacket drafts for instance?

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Does the cotton garments one have the denim jacket in it? I wondered if there was a better version of it. I made it up in corduroy, but the sleeve is terrible, so I substituted it for a regular jacket style sleeve (with modified cuff).

I've also looked for the book you seek, even tried libraries all over the place, but no luck.
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