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I make bespoke hunt coats here in the US.  Recently we lost the woman who drafted our patterns and I am looking for someone willing to do them. Nothing extensive and only need outer shell. I can draft linings, facings etc.. Just a classic frock coat and riding jacket styles for men and women.  I will only need them on a very intermittent basis.  Maybe a 1/2 dozen or so per year.. I am a one man shop and can't afford a high dollar service.. 
Thanks for any leads.


theresa in tucson:
Doughboy, you might try contacting Kathleen Fassanella in Albuquerque.  She's a former patternmaker with her own CMT shop in Albuquerque.  She may be able to give you some referrals.  Kathleen worked for a western wear company in the 80s and 90s and did coats.  She has a forum called Fashion Incubator.  Her company is Apparel Technical Services.

Theresa in Tucson

There is more information needed. The pattern maker needs to know which system you use and if he/she can have access to your old pattern. 

Your link doesnt work.
Are you looking for paper patterns or digital versions?


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