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Old Shears
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:58:52 PM »
This old pair of shears comes with a funny story. When my friend Peter Argy was still trading as a tailor, he had this old pair of Solingen shears that belonged to his mum so I brought the back to sharpen them. I tried every trick in the book and few others to free the hinge bolt but noting worked and first I snapped on end off the hinge. Tried to extract it and snapped off the other side.

I gave Peter a pair of very good Soligens to replace them then drilled out the seized remains with a masonry drill. Used a piece of threaded rod and 4 nuts and got the working again. Sharpened and hollow ground, they cut like new ones and as I have a nice enough pair of Heinisch dress makers shears on my computer table, I use this pair as my kitchen pair as they easily cut anything you find in a kitchen.

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The magnificent tools of the professional tailor  ;) ;D