Author Topic: Tailoring Resources Limited by Captcha  (Read 66 times)


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Tailoring Resources Limited by Captcha
« on: February 09, 2019, 03:19:42 PM »
Had a thought to ask if we could get help with searching Cutter and Tailor as an additional resource to those learning the tailoring craft?

Apparently since Google has moved to version two, all version one captcha has been shut down: This then means one can't create a new account at Cutter and Tailor, which means no searching their forum. Or is there another method without having to login?

Thank y'all in advance!  :)

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Re: Tailoring Resources Limited by Captcha
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2019, 10:49:38 PM »
Well, you can always search using google itself. Just type into search bar: thing-I-want-to-search

It will limit results to the old forum.